After the Fire


I have been away from the farm for a week now. Quentin and Ashley were with me in Johannesburg for the weekend and now they are back at the farm again. I left on Saturday a week ago while a terrible fire was sweeping through our valley (see Wind and Fire). It was such a horrible feeling driving away not knowing what the aftermath would be. Here are some photos that Quentin took the next day of the damage. In a sense this is his first guest post on the Vastrap Farm blog!

This was the worst fire in our area since Quentin came farming twelve years ago. It was fuelled by 75km/hr gusts of wind and not much could be done to stop it.  In total we lost about 1 000ha of grazing, but luckily no livestock. One of our neighbours lost every inch of veld and some livestock. A terrible, terrible loss. Many of these photos are taken at the house of friends who share a farm with us, which is about 10km away from the Vastrap homestead. It is a miracle that the house didn’t suffer any damage!

Warning signs.

Fire coming.

About to jump over the road and cause more damage.

The aftermath.

Fences gone.

Still smouldering 24 hours later!

Very lonely Springbok.

Nothing to eat!

Taking stock….

3 thoughts on “After the Fire

  1. Ag Marisa! Dis vreeslik om die veld so te sien. My neef-hulle het met die 1ste Dewetsdorp brande 15,000 hoenders verloor agv die rook, maar die plaashuis self is gelukkig gespaar. Ek is baie bly julle het nie vee verloor nie en dat julle huis OK is. Gelukkig weet die Here net wanneer om weer reën te stuur. Dink aan julle.


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