Sunflowers and things

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We are having a glorious summer! Everything is growing like crazy on the farm and in the garden spurred on by the scorching heat and the occasional thunder shower. Fruit trees in our back yard hold a bounty of riches: figs, prickly pears and yellow cling peaches and almost-ready pomegranates and quinces. I spent the whole of Saturday tidying things up in the garden – cutting back unwieldy bushes and dead-heading roses and dahlias. The bumblebees were having a feast!

There is a row of sunflowers in the veggie garden that have grown in a curious way. They were all planted at the same time, but the ones on the right are two meters tall and in full bloom, while the ones on the left are not even a meter tall and haven’t flowered yet. Quentin will tell you that sunflowers are temperamental beasts. The soil and moisture conditions have to be just right for the seeds to germinate and then there is no guarantee that they won’t grow unevenly like the ones in my garden. Next time you drive past fields of gorgeous, uniform flowering sunflowers have some respect for the farmer who planted them!

Sunflowers in the veggie garden.

Sunflowers in the veggie garden.

Reaching towards the sky.

A feast for bees and bugs.

White maize.

White maize coming along.

I planted some zinnias for the first time this year and have been very happy with the result. I just scattered some seeds and look at what came up a few weeks later! They seem to be as easy to grow as nasturtiums and the flowers are very pretty in lots of different bright colours. I’ll definitely use them again next year.

Red and white zinnias.

Red and white zinnias.

Gorgeous zinnias.

Pink zinnia.

After a busy weekend in the garden we were treated to this amazing marshmallow pink sunset on Sunday evening. I was so blown away by the colours in the sky that I completely forgot to look at the full moon rising! The sky literally looked like a painting and I had to rush out from the kitchen to take this photo. A beautiful end to a lovely weekend.


Full moon sunset at Vastrap.

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