Cosmos Lane


There are few things more soothing for the soul than taking the dogs for a walk down cosmos lane on a crisp blue-sky autumn morning. The cosmos only flower in a short window from late March to early April so I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go out and capture them. The rain we had over Easter washed the air clean and ushered in a distinct shift in season from summer to autumn. In fact, yesterday our friends were posting photos of snow on the Maluti mountains in Lesotho not too far away from us, which would explain the sudden chill in the air!

My walking destination this morning was the little road that runs past my parents-in-law’s house at Diepgezicht farm. It is a charming dirt track usually lined with cosmos at this time of year. The flowers are alive with bees and there were flocks of little birds feasting on the last of the sunflowers, while Egyptian geese flew overhead. At the far end of the road is a derelict old sandstone farm house with the most beautiful stone work. It is such a pity that the house has been left to go to ruin and I noticed that the roof over the front veranda has collapsed, perhaps because someone removed the old sandstone columns.

As usual the dogs were in their element, with Tumi and Patch sticking close to me while Coco was nowhere to be seen. We lost Paris on our way to Diepgezicht, but when we returned to the car an hour and a half later, the clever girl was there patiently waiting for us. For those who don’t know, Paris is totally blind (see How Paris “Sees” the World). It never ceases to amaze me how she gets around. What a pity she missed the cosmos!

Crisp blue-sky morning.

Crisp blue-sky morning – view across the valley towards cosmos lane.

Good morning sheep!

Good morning sheep!

Tumi and Patch loving their walk.

Tumi and Patch loving their walk.

Colourful cosmos.

Colourful cosmos.

Nest amongst red berries.

Nest amongst red berries.

The derelict farm house.

Derelict sandstone farm house.

Turning back.

Turning back down cosmos lane.

Buzzing bees!

Buzzing bees!

Last of the sunflowers.

Last of the sunflowers in the distance. 

Bye bye sheep!

Goodbye sheep!

6 thoughts on “Cosmos Lane

    • Thank you Anne! The farms in our area used to be small, but over the years they’ve been consolidated to make them more commercially viable. This has left many houses unoccupied and vulnerable to vandals. We rent out one of our houses for a minimal fee just so that it can be protected and another house has been restored by friends from the city who use it for weekends. The house in the photos is on our neighbour’s farm. The stone work on the window and door frames is really special and unreplicable today. We’ve offered to buy the stone, but I guess they are waiting to see if anyone in the family might eventually restore it. Unfortunately the longer it stands like this the more it will cost to fix it. It’s already an empty shell inside with the original wood floors long removed.


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