Quick update on the craziness


Quentin and I have been in full “auction mode” over the past two weeks, not knowing whether we’re coming or going. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by the task ahead, mainly because I don’t really know what to expect and I have a huge fear of not being organised. It’s that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that a new job brings. Everything takes slightly longer to think about and action and I’m way out of my comfort zone! Thankfully, my dear friend and neighbour Vicky invited me to help at their auction a few weeks ago, which really opened my eyes to all the small things that I need to think about and I got some clever tips on doing things smartly. Oh well, we live and learn and hopefully next year will be easier, not least because we won’t still be building our facilities and won’t have to do quite as much shopping as the first time to get everything set up. I will hopefully also be more proficient at designing brochures and marketing material by then!

Brochure emailWhile we are obsessing about cattle, life on the farm goes on. It has been a really mild winter and extremely dry. The wheat crop is only partially planted and it is probably too late to get it all done. The summer maize crop is almost harvested. I went out the other day to watch Quentin do his maize trails where they harvest specific rows of crops that were planted with different cultivars of seed and with different combinations of fertiliser and spacing. Each batch is weighed and logged to compare yields. It’s important to do these trials on our own farm because a lot of the regional trials are done in areas that have different climactic and soil conditions and much higher yields than us. Having our own results helps Quentin to optimise his planting decisions each year. Unfortunately, GM maize is huge in South Africa – almost 80% of the country’s maize is genetically modified. At Vastrap we plant about 60%, but I wish it was zero given all the negative studies on the effects of GM on our health and the environment. But, knowing how emotive it can be I’ll leave that discussion for another day…

2013-07-31_00012013-07-31_00022013-07-31_00032013-07-31_00052013-07-31_00062013-07-31_0004In between all of this, we are still waiting for Coco’s puppies to arrive! Her tummy is hanging on the ground and I will be on standby all weekend, because it will definitely be any day now. She is being super spoilt with special food and treats and extra love and affection, which of course she is lapping up. I can’t wait to meet those babies, but I must admit to being a bit nervous about the birth. Hopefully there won’t be any complications. Wish us luck!


11 thoughts on “Quick update on the craziness

  1. Wow, you really are busy. Thanks for posting photos of Ms Coco. She is looking rather bloated 🙂 Given all her previous tribulations I think she’s going to do just fine having her babies. Sending you a huge virtual bundle of energy to get you through the madness. 🙂 Karen


  2. Knowing you two, everything will be done with the usual style, intelligence and attention to detail. I absolutely love your brochure! You two are in inspiration and we hope the auction day exceeds your wildest expectations. Looking forward to the ‘match report’. Must be sad to say goodbye to those gorgeous animals xx Dee


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